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Territory Fire Service & Training

Portable Fire Equipment

Territory Fire offers a comprehensive range of portable fire equipment to suit all types of classes of fires. Territory Fire services all brands of fire extinguisher including Firesafe, Flamestop, BFI, Chubb & Firex. We adhere to and exceed all servicing standards and protocols providing peace of mind, customer satisfaction and value for money.

Territory Fire complies with Australia Standard AS2444 in regards fire extinguisher installation and AS 1851 in regards six monthly routine maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire blankets and hydrants.  Australian Standard AS1851 Provides a table of maintenance schedules for each type of fire extinguisher, hose reel and fire blanket. Each table is divided into service periods of 6 monthly, yearly and 5 yearly and after . Each service period indicates the progressive sophistication of the operation to be carried out at that particular due date .

Whether you require supply or installation , Territory Fire technicians can visit yuor site and provide a fire risk assessment to advise you on your requirements for portable fire equipment . 


Exit & Emergency Lights

Emergency and Exit Lighting is an essential fire safety measure to keep your property and people safe by ensuring a safe exit when the normal lighting fails , such as during a fire or other crisis . Emergency and Exit Lighting must be tested and inspected on a six monthly basis and maintained in accordance with AS2293 consisting of a ninety minute test that simulates mains failure and confirms lights operation .

Territory Fire can provide testing , inspection , certification and replacement services in relation to Exit & Emergency Lights . 

Smoke & Thermal Alarm Systems

A smoke or thermal alarm system can tell you how much fire there is and where it originates from, or can sample the air for the faintest scent of smoke from even a smouldering fire with no flame. A reliable fire detection system will save lives and minimise costly damage to your buildings and property. All buildings whether publicly or privately owned have a legal requirement for a minimum level of fire protection.

Territory Fire provides maintenance services for commercial smoke & fire detection systems that not only ensures you have access to immediate support in the event of a system malfunction, but will also help with compliance record keeping and maintain a functional detection system .

In accordance with Australian Standards 1851, fire alarm systems are required to be inspected on a monthly basis.  An annual inspection and test of a percentage of smoke & thermal detectors is also required to determine that the detection and early warning systems are functional.

Suppression Systems

Vehicle & Heavy Plant Fire Suppression System:  TFS&T Hold the stocks, supply lines, certifications, and trained personnel to Install, Service, & Repairs most brands and types of Vehicle Suppression Systems.

Mining, Data Centres, and Sensitive areas Fixed Fire Suppression Systems:  TFS&T have access to all types of gaseous suppression agents. We have the certifications and trained personnel to Install, maintain, and Service all systems including their detection component.

Marine Fixed Fire Suppression Systems:  TFS&T hold all relevant industrial licensed, Assurances, and certifications to work on Marine (and offshore) based fire suppression equipment.  From Installation to end of life, we can service, maintain, and repair marine based fire equipment.

Layflat Hose

Delivery Lay Flat Hoses:  TFS&T build, Certify, Test, & Service all configurations of International Lay Flay Hose.  We hold all coupling types for all International, Local, Industrial, Marine, Mining,  & Rural Applications.

Wheeled Mobile

Wheeled Mobile Fire Extinguishers:  TFS&T Refurbish, Test, & Service all Styles and Types of Wheeled Mobile Fire Extinguishers for use in the Marine, Mining, and Industrial Industries.