Latifa – Queen of the Fire Angels

Territory Fire Service & Training

We’ve taken a new approach to encouraging local businesses to embrace fire-safe practices, launching a new venture called Fire Angels.

The Fire Angels concept was born from a desire to help local businesses, as well as the Indigenous community. The program provides training for Indigenous women to become fire technicians. The first Fire Angel was Indigenous mother of five, Latifa Abdat, from Darwin. Latifa is now training as a fire technician.

Latifa said that she loved the name, Fire Angels, as soon as she heard it. “I heard about Fire Angels through Karen Sheldon Catering (which conducts pre-employment training for indigenous jobseekers), she said. “Then, when I found out what the program was about, I put my hand up to get involved.”

Territory Fire Services & Training General Manager, David Taeuber, said that he wanted to do something to make it easier for local businesses to get on top of their fire safety requirements.

“We also wanted to provide meaningful employment opportunities to Indigenous women,” he said. “The regulations surrounding fire safety for businesses are quite extensive and it can be hard to keep up, particularly for smaller businesses.

“Now, our Fire Angels will be able to check that fire safety systems are working correctly and comply with relevant regulations.”

David said that the program was a great way for Darwin companies to support a program that provided training and employment for Indigenous Australians.

“It’s a win win – they can get the affordable, reliable and quality service that Territory Fire is known for, as well as knowing that they are supporting the local community.”