Fire Training & Evacuation Diagrams

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Fire Training

Territory Fire offers a range of training courses to ensure recipients leave with practical experience and an awareness of fire hazards , fire extinguishers and successful evacuation and emergency procedures . We provide all successful trainees with a Certificate of Compentece . Our aim is to leave your staff with the necessary knowledge to increase workplace safety and aid in fulfilling your company’s occupational health and safety policies .

Territory Fire can provide training for any group size and complete this around your safety training needs. Individual courses or an annual training program can be put together and delivered according to relevant OHS/WHS acts and Australian Standards. Our trainers have the relevant experience, training and equipment to deliver the training on site or at our office or even in remote locations .

Course Content

The fire training courses cover :

  • Fire Warden Training Course Manual / Portable Fire Extinguishers Guide
  • Venue (Air-conditioned, Fully Equipped Training Room).
  • Theory & Practical Training including practical extinguishment of two types of fires – A Class & B Class, and simulation of the remaining classes – C Class, D Class, E Class & F Class fires.
  • Use of two types of portable fire equipment i.e. CO2, Dry Powder, Foam & Water Extinguishers and Fire Hose Reel & Fire Blanket, in order for participants to gain confidence in using all types of equipment, and to understand the limitations of different types of portable fire equipment.
  • Recharging of all extinguishers used.
  • Exam
  • Certificate of Competence
  • Arrangement of Fire Permits ( Warden )
  • Morning Tea ( Awareness / Extinguisher ) or BBQ Lunch ( Warden ) provided

Fire Courses

  1. Fire Warden Training             Download Course Detail  >> Fire Warden Training

  2. Fire Awareness Training       Download Course Detail  >> Fire Awareness Training

  3. Fire Extinguisher Training     Download Course Detail  >> Fire Extinguisher Training  

Course Registration

To register your interest please:

  • call the office on 08 8932 5550 or
  • Download and complete the Application Form  >> Training Registration Form   or
  • email

Additional Training

Territory Fire can organise additional training including:

  • Evacuation Exercises
  • Fire Panel Training
  • Remote Training

Evacuation Diagrams

Under the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, evacuation diagrams must be reviewed every twelve months and after any certifiable building alterations; displayed in conspicuous positions along the evacuation route of the facility; and must be orientated with the layout of the building.

Territory Fire can provide professionally designed evacuation diagrams. This process often starts with a site visit to map the fire protection equipment on site or to mark up the existing floor plan. We then generate or update your evacuation diagram meeting the requirements of Australian Standards.