David’s Determined to Deliver

Territory Fire Service & Training

Territory Fire’s General Manager, David Taeuber, has notched up four decades of people management experience in industrial environments, from building submarines to the laboratory service industry.

“For me, it’s all about the people,” David said. “I particularly enjoy the fire business because we can assist people and companies to be ready if they are ever unfortunate enough to experience a fire.”

Working in several unforgiving industries has helped David develop a real sense of customer service and a focus on continuous improvement.

“Of course, things don’t always go perfectly to plan, but we look at those times as learning opportunities,” he said. “We ask ourselves why things happened the way that they did and then work to implement ongoing improvements.”

David’s passion for helping people not only extends to training staff, it also includes giving secure jobs to people in need. His philosophy is: “If you help enough people get to where they want to go, you will never have trouble getting to where you want to be”.

“Sure, the products and systems are important, but where we can make a real difference is having switched on, trained and motivated people.”

Increasingly, Territory Fire is being recognised as being different – both by the staff who come to work with us and by our customers.

David said that the company’s inclusive approach, commitment to a workplace that attracts indigenous and multi-cultural employees and insistence on staff training was proving to be a real point of difference. “For our customers, it’s about more than what we do – the way we do it is just as important,” he said.

“And we want to do it better than anyone else, every time. That includes becoming an employer of choice and working with Karen Sheldon Catering to provide meaningful employment opportunities for Indigenous people.”