Territory Fire Service & Training


As Territory Fire continued to push into a range of specialised areas in defense , marine , mining and government , it became evident that the business would benefit from an even higher level of quality , safe work practices and a culture that would protect the environment as much as possible in everything we do .

In 2018 , Territory Fire partnered with Adelaide based professional services firm JLB Management Consultancy to work toward implementing a highly effective integrated management system that was compliant with ISO Standards . The implementation centred around highly specialized quality management software system JLB Track that would enable Territory Fire to achieve its objectives whiles processing highly efficient functions within the system .

Third Party international cerfitication is an outward validation of a Company’s quality , commitment to safety for all stakeholders and care for the environment . It allows key stakeholders such as the general public , tender panels and other firms to know that your Company is serious about quality , safety and environmental care .

Insurances & Registrations


Territory Fire is a Silver Member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia


White Cards
Drivers License
High Risk Licence Fork Lift
High Risk Licence Elevated Work Platform (EWP)
Electrical Contractors Licence (NT)
Electrical Workers Licence (NT)
Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence (EAHL)
Airport Security Identification (ASIC)
Maritime Security Identification (MSIC)
Darwin Port Pass
Workplace Clearance Group – Working with and around combustibles (WPCG)

Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme ( FPAS )

The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS), launched in July 2013, is the only nationally harmonised accreditation system designed to recognise the skills and competencies of individuals working in the fire protection industry across all state and territory jurisdictions in Australia. FPAS also promotes and highlights businesses engaging accredited individuals through ‘Recognised Business’ provisions. Territory Fire staff are accredited for the following FPAS modules :

FPAS Catagory 1 – Fire Sprinkler Systems
FPAS Catagory 2 – Fire Pump Sets
FPAS Catagory 3 – Fire Hydrant Systems
FPAS Catagory 4 – Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
FPAS Catagory 5 – Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems
FPAS Catagory 6 – Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems : Non-gaseous
FPAS Catagory 7 – Portable Fire Equipment and Fire Hose Reels
FPAS Catagory 8 – Fire and Smoke Doors
FPAS Catagory 9 – Fire Seals and Collars
FPAS Catagory 10 – Exit and Emegency Lighting

Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence (EAHL)

In Australia, controls for ozone depleting substances (ODS) and synthetic greenhouse gases (SGG) are achieved under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 and the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations (the Regulations). The Act and Regulations control the acquisition, possession, disposal and handling of controlled extinguishing agents for the fire protection industry in Australia. Individuals who handle a controlled extinguishing agent that is, has been, or is used for fire protection must hold an Extinguishing Agent Handling Licence (EAHL) . Territory Fire staff hold the following EAHL licences:

EAHL 1 (Portable fire extinguisher maintenance)
EAHL 2 (Fixed system installation and decommissioning)
EAHL 3 (Fixed system testing and maintenance)
EAHL 4 Recovery, reclamation, fill and recycling)
EAHL 5 (Warehouse maintenance)
EAHL 6 Control systems installation, commissioning and decommissioning)

Safety Qualifications and Training

Diploma in OccupationalHealth & Safety
Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety
Certtificate IV in Business (Frontline Management)
Certificate IV Training & Assessment
Enter Confined Space
Gas Test Atmospheres
Operate Breathing Apparatus
Work Safely at Heights
Fire Warden Training
Workplace Fire Extinguisher Training
Low Voltage Rescue (LVR/CPR)
First Aid & CPR
Work Safely with Asbestos Containing Materials (Blue Card)
Offshore & Platform Training

Trade Qualifications

Diploma in Enfineering – Advanced Trade
Certtificate IV in Engineering РMechanical Trade
Certificate IV in Transport & Distriution (Marine Watchkeeping)
Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation
Certificate IV in Hazarous Areas – Electrical (EEHA)
Certifiate III in Engineering – Electrical/Electronic Trade
Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade
Trade Certificate – Radio & T.V. Mechanics
Certificate II in Fire Protection & Testing
Certificate III in Fire Protection Inspection & Testing

Other Competencies

Inspect, Test and Maintain Delivery Lay Flat Fire Hose
Hydrostatic Testing
Electrical Test and Tag


Competent Marine Assessor
Competent Mairne Supervisor

Fixed Fire Extinguishing Installations For Machinery Spaces On Board Commercial Vessels

1. Carbon dioxide, FM200, NAF S-III, Pyrogen and Micro-K are the approved agents for use in machinery spaces in commercial vessels subject to the Northern Territory Marine Act which are required to fit fixed fire extinguishing installations for machinery spaces. An approved installer must carry out the installation and the calculations must be approved by Marine Safety Branch prior to installation. An approved installer must service the installations on an annual basis.
The approved installers are:

Territory Fire is an approved installer for system types :

FM 200