Territory Fire Service & Training

The Christmas and New Year break (which is longer for some than others!) is a perfect time to reflect on what has happened in the previous year, as well as to plan for the year ahead. For me, I’ve been able to look back proudly on the achievements of our new company, Territory Fire Service & Training, in its first months of trading. I couldn’t be happier with how things have gone so far!

Now, after achieving strong growth over our first months, we are putting strategies in place for even more growth during 2013 – and we look forward to partnering in our customers’ growth, too. I’d like to thank all of our clients for their support and wish them a happy and successful 2013.

There’s certainly been a great deal of uncertainty over the past year – the USA’s “fiscal cliff”, economic turmoil in Europe and a general slowdown in most markets. The continuing strong Aussie dollar has been great news for holiday-makers travelling overseas and for online shoppers, but not so welcome for local manufacturers. Even the mining industry, which seemed to be sustaining many components of what was fast becoming a two-speed Australian economy, has been slowing.

There are positive signs for 2013, however. China’s end of year figures showed continued growth, Japan has a new Prime Minister and a plan to tackle its spending problems and President Obama has squeezed through an eleventh hour deal to buy some time to sort out a more permanent solution to the US’s financial woes.

One thing that is not going to change, in my view, is the fact that businesses are increasingly having to look for new ways to compete. We are truly in a global market in a way that we haven’t been in the past – but this doesn’t mean we should all give up.

In fact, I believe the time is right for companies to maintain and grow their levels of operation, not to scale them back. It’s our philosophy at Territory Fire that the only way to go is to grow!

Recently, I saw an article in BRW by Bell Group founder, Anthony Bell. He reiterated the very questions we had asked in deciding our own future. I have outlined his checklist below for your interest.

1. Is your product or services superior to that of your competitors?
2. Does your product or service satisfy an essential need in the market in which you sell?
3. Are the people behind your business committed to the task?
4. Is your business capitalised sufficiently to allocate the resources required to grow?
5. Will the cash cycle of your business be secure and predictable?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you are ready to embrace a growth path in 2013!

David Taeuber – General Manager